The first important step to getting your company or family on-line is an Internet portal connection. ADSL is the standard system that uses your BT telephone line to connect your PC to the Internet. Please note that you must have a BT phone line to subscribe to ADSL. You will need an ADSL modem to connect to the system, however most providers include the modem when you subscribe to their service.

The ADSL router usually includes a built in fire wall. The fire wall protects your PC from other users on the Internet accessing your PC(Hacker Attack). the router will also allow more than one PC on a network to access the Internet. A wireless router will allow you to easily access the Internet using your wireless laptop or other device anywhere within range.

Ourserve do not supply Internet connections, though we are happy to advise and install any hardware purchased through us for an additional fee.

Next you will need a chosen domain name. As a guide try to keep the name short and as close to your business name as possible. For families An Ourserve email address is quite adequate, for example: Of course individuals and families may also choose a domain name of their own too: the 1005 has been added because the domain name will have been registered many times. The advantage of an ourserve email address is that most names will still be available. For a company, the company name is best: This is an example of an unacceptably long name, this could be shortened Companies will also use the domain name for access to their web site i.e. It is important to remember that you must have no gaps (spaces) in you domain name and most symbols are illegal. It is best to use just letters, numbers, and either a hyphen or underscore. The easier and shorter the name the better chances of it being remembered and used correctly. Remember, your web site is your business card for the whole world too see, your domain name is the key to viewing the card.

We have vast experience in setting up Internet access domains, web sites, and email accounts. Please contact us at anytime for help and advice in choosing the right domain name. When we have found you the right name for you we can register the name and have it operational on our server in 24-48 Hours. it will cost just 30.00 for a .co.UK domain. Use the email button to email your requirements or Phone 07810 207301. We look forward to assisting and getting you on line.

We can also assist in transferring you domain onto our server. You may wish to do this if you are unhappy with your current provider. Maybe the service is poor, or slow. Maybe there is no contact telephone number so as you can speak to your provider, this is very common with Internet services. We have a UK located server that is purposely under subscribed and very fast. Keeping the number of users low improve bandwidth and contention keeping reliability up and service speed high. You can always contact support on 0044 (0) 7810 207301 and speak to a support agent directly. Our aim is to provide a business focused high quality service at all times. This service is never going to be free, you will have to pay an annual subscription for your hosting and support, but we feel that we make this excellent value for money. You worry about running your business, let us worry about your online services.

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